League of Legends

Starts TBA

Every Saturday 12:00 – 5:00 pm

for 10 weeks

Wami Ootoya Japanese Cuisine

(3820 Brentwood Rd NW #130)


Starts TBA

Every Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 pm

for 10 weeks

Wami Ootoya Japanese Cuisine

(3820 Brentwood Rd NW #130)



Starts TBA

Every Thursday

for 10 weeks

Wami Ootoya Japanese Cuisine

(3820 Brentwood Rd NW #130)



  • Community Gamers will receive happy hour pricing at Wami Ootoya for the duration of the league as well as special menus/pricings! Feel free to stuff your belly with good food before you start gaming!​​

  • Please note that outside food is not permitted at Wami


  • Winners will receive Community Gaming swag and free entry (1st seed) into the Spring Open

  • There are potentially more goodies from our sponsors – stay tuned!


  • Cash donations will be accepted

    • Half of all proceeds will go towards the winners

    • The other half of the proceeds will go toward the Dare to Care Anti Bullying program in Calgary


  • Leagues will only run with 4 or more teams

  • Games MAY be streamed with commentary online

  • If available, VOD’s will be uploaded to our YouTube after each event

  • Seating area for live audience as well

    • Show off your skills by bringing out your friends, family, and fans!


  • In the case that the league does not run, you and/or your team will receive a FULL REFUND

  • If you signed up as an Individual, and we were not able to pair you up in a team you wish to play with you will receive a FULL REFUND

  • A FULL REFUND will be issued one week prior to the beginning of the league

    • Within one week of the league beginning you are committed to the duration of the league and there will be no refunds

  • If you must withdraw from the league due to extraordinary circumstances it will be treated case by case and it is Community Gaming’s decision to whether or not we will proceed with a refund or not



  • Full round robin will be played throughout the season

  • Teams will collect points which will go towards their seeding in the playoffs 

  • To ensure the playoffs are as close and fair as we can make them teams will be split in half

  • Each half will compete for their own prizes and pride

  • Every team will play twice a week (2 games a night)


  1. Less than 8 Teams:

    • Round Robin BO1

    • Grand Final BO3

  2. More than 8 Teams:

    • Double Elimination BO1

    • Grand Final BO3

  • Tournament will wait a maximum of 15 min before disqualifications

  • All cheats will result auto disqualifications



  • Absolutely nothing. We will provide all necessary items to play the games!


  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Mousepad

  • Earbuds 

    • we will be providing headsets with microphone and running white noise generators. Sound will be simultaneously playing through the headset alongside the white noise. You may consider bringing earbuds. 

  • Any lucky charms

  • Computers, Monitors and Chairs will be provided.