• Onsite food vendors

  • Outside food allowed



  • BYOC (bring your own computer or console)
  • Small sleeping area available (first come first serve)


Games/Consoles, Equipment, Others:

  • Any and all games are welcomed console or PC.
  • All equipment will be tagged (excluding small peripherals like controllers, mouse and keyboards). All equipment leaving the LAN will be checked. We do encourage gamers to exercise their own precautions.
  • Other social games (Rock Paper scissors, origami competition, human tic tac toe, Kaburin! Dodge Challenge)
  • Organized games by request. Participants can request for us to organize a game at the LAN. For example, we will likely organize a series of Overwatch games and run a mini-tournament if there are enough requests.


Tounaments will be held during the LAN (Minimum prize pool of $1000 total)

  • Counter-Strike : Global Offensive
  • DotA 2 or League of Legends


No LAN events currently scheduled.